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Whether you're not sure how to 'do social media', are out of ideas, or just straight-up don't have the time (or interest!) - this is for you.

Blue Whale's expert content team will create a social media strategy just for you - then execute like the pros we are.

From start to finish, we'll take care of everything. All you have to do it approve the content.

The best part? With our new 'build your own package' A la Carte menu, you pay for only what you need, and don't spend a cent on what you don't.

No time??!

Always posting on the fly - at 11pm?

Feel like you've run out of ideas?

Don't know if you should be on Instagram or Google Business?

Not sure what to post on social media?

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Whether it's one piece or a package, we can help you create content that speaks to your ideal audience and positions you as the thought leader in your industry.

Stand out from the crowd and above the noise - we'll help you do it with great content.

By the hour, or ask about a project rate.

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Content Writing and Editing

Ilona Pap, Body 'N' Bloom

I have been working with Nikki for almost two years and it is easy and stress free. She takes all the worry out of writing all of my website blogs and creating posts for and managing my social media accounts. She is very knowledgeable and efficient in meeting her clients’ social media needs, has the skills to creatively brand my business, and is very well organized. Her monthly build-out is always on time and the work is amazing."

"If you are in the beauty and aesthetics industry, I would highly recommend Nikki for your social media and content writing needs! 

Rebecca skinner

I’ve worked with Nikki and Blue Wale Communications quite a bit as special projects are thrown my way and my capacity just isn’t there. She’s proven to be a valuable extension of the team, providing strategic and thoughtful deliverables every time. If you’re looking for a company and team that will take the time to fully understand your story-telling challenge and completely tackle it, contact Blue Whale Communications.

Valerie Hollyer - The Guy with the dog real estate

"We connected with Nikki last year to help with our social media and blog efforts while I was going to be away on maternity leave. She immediately provided us with a plan of action and an idea what each month would look like. I felt like we were in good hands the whole time I was away. I would highly recommend Nikki and Blue Whale Communications to anyone looking to be more consistent on social media and for those needing assistance in creating relevant content."

Angela pharand, cahpi

It was very insightful and inspiring. The information you shared will bring much value to our members’ ability to grow their businesses through the usage of social media platforms. The members who attended really enjoyed your webinar presentations, which is evident by the positive feedback we received through our post presentation surveys."

"Your many years of experience in Marketing and Communications and in-depth understanding of all aspects of Social Media was very evident in your webinar presentations.

kind words

I believe in doing things your own way, following your own tide and doing what feels right - not following trends or hacks to try and grow your business.

But don't be fooled - the whimsy is backed by 12 years of experience in marketing and communications, including two degrees, work experience for government, non-profits, national corporations, and everything in between.

In it's 5 and a half years, Blue Whale has supported more than 50 organizations of all sizes with their content marketing strategy, helping them get seen by more customers without having to stress out about what's 'trendy'.

If you ask my family, they'll tell you I was always a bit stubborn and determined to do what I wanted HOW I wanted.

It's no surprise that I followed my own rules when I grew Blue Whale - and believe that you can, too (smartly, of course).

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